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New Website Brings No-Cost Solutions to Veterans with PTSD

Petaluma, CA. – Sporting a completely revised website at, the nonprofit Veterans Stress Solution is a no-cost service for veterans, active military, and their families, providing complimentary sessions using energy psychology, a therapeutic method supporting people with PTSD in reclaiming their health and their lives.


The most common form of energy psychology is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as acupoint tapping or simply “tapping.” EFT is an evidence-based practice that combines acupressure (tapping on acupuncture points) with psychology’s exposure therapy (focusing on distressing memories) and cognitive behavior therapy (reframing) to halt the stress response and clear pain and upset.


According to Stress Solution director Dr. Jan Colestro, the project has a growing international presence with global providers who offer their expertise in gratitude for the client’s service to their respective countries, as well as the sacrifices experienced by their families.   


With 45 years of nursing experience along with an open mind to current technologies, Colestro returned to school for a doctorate in nursing science. She says the new Stress Solution website is the outcome of years of work and funding by the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH). “It is a pathway to unlocking a new future,” she says. “To help people get started, we have arranged for free one-on-one personalized therapies with professionals ready to help you design the you that you want to become.”


The project’s ultimate vision is to create a shift on a mass scale, reducing the internal stress of military veterans and their families who have experienced traumatic incidents. “This shift will have benefits in many aspects of a person’s life: less disruption of their body’s natural homeostasis, improving their own physiologic balance as well as improving relationships with their significant others, co-workers, family members, and community. When they are in this improved state, they can think more clearly and connect to their future in a new way.”


Research has shown that emerging methods such as mindfulness, stress reduction, and EFT are evidence-based practices for addressing both emotional trauma and physical symptoms.


Considerable thought went into the planning of the website, a comforting and user-friendly visit for the audience. The team set up a system for clients to book an appointment with an expert of their choice, in the modality of their choice, on a date and time that works for both parties.  


Says Colestro, “Our intended audience is a group of proud and strong people. Their personal history is that of strength that has been challenged by a traumatic event. We wanted to be there so they could easily reach us and benefit from new information and these effective techniques. We designed a system that partners with the client and allows them to lead the way in a safe environment of highly skilled professionals.”



Dr. Jan Colestro can be reached at or

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